The downloaded version has A LOT more content than the play-in-browser version

It is recommended to play the downloaded version below. This is because of 1000 files limit, which the game has already exceeded.

Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex. Please keep discussions and bug reports in discord

(v1.8.1.0 release notes) | (Download instructions) | (Play in Browser (slightly outdated)) | (Contributing) | (F.A.Q) | (Feature / Fetish list) | (Discord)

Fort of Chains is a completed, free, moddable, open-source, TEXT-ONLY sandbox management NSFW game where you lead and manage a band of slavers in a fantasy world. The game is configurable and can cover all gender orientations: MM, MF, and FF. Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex. There are no support for playing as a submissive character. (Feature / Fetish list)

Key designs. This game is designed to be a short-story-teller machine: the core gameplay loop involves assigning groups of slavers to quests, reading what happens to them, and finally reaping the quests' rewards. This game is complete: all features, bugfixes, polish, balancing, and originally planned stories are finished. But improvements and community-made contributions are still being added continuously to the game.

Contributing. The game is always looking for all and any kind of contributions. More details here. As of v1.8, more than 40 kind contributors have helped by directly adding content into the game, while much more have helped playtest the game and give feedbacks. Drop by the (Discord) if you are interested! (If you use Discord, you can tell us your discord name too so we can give you a Discord role, which among other things allows you to bypass the seven days wait required there.)

There are several ways to contribute to this game:

Contributing story. You can help support this game by adding your stories into the game, which can be in the form of quests, events, or any other form you'd like. No programming knowledge required. This is possible thanks to the built-in GUI tool in the game for adding content: the Content Creator Tool. As long as you have a story in mind, simply follow the instructions in-game to add your story into the game.

To get started, open the game, and click the Content Creator Tool link from the starting screen. If you need help in the game, make sure to click the (?) help menu found everywhere in the game.

When you are done, you can submit the finished story either in the #your-contribution channel in Discord, or directly in the repository. If the story fits the game, it will be added pronto, with a lot of thanks! (More information).

Contributing art. The game welcomes artistic contributions! Please check this document for more details.

Contributing code and others. This game is open-source. Coding help, play-testing, and all other kinds of contributions are also welcomed. We are also looking for people willing to help writers put their content into a merge request. See here for other contribution ideas.

Questions? If you are hoping to contribute something and have questions, please do not hesitate to ask in Discord. (If you are a contributor and also on Discord, let us known your discord ID here so we can give you a Discord role, which among other things allows you to bypass the seven days wait there.) Don't know what to contribute? See here for ideas.

Vision Fort of Chains is a passion project. My hope is that one day, the project will be entirely community-led, and I can take a back seat as just a regular contributor :)

Android users. This game does not run well on Android devices. If you are having problem displaying images in the game, see here for possible solution.


Install instructions

To play, open "index.html" in the zipped file.


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